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A question of operating space


On Classe A7 Plus we've introduced an ergonomic function that brings out the very best in the patient chair for dentist and patient alike.

Already capable of lifting 190 kg smoothly, without any sudden stops or starts, the near-silent Soft Motion motor contributes to patient relaxation. The most important new development, though, comes from the Sliding movement.

While moving closer to the patient from the chair side has already been made easier by the tapered shaping, the Sliding function provides a backrest movement that is perfectly synchronised with forward seat shift. This gives dentists an equivalent (18 cm) gain in terms of 12 o'clock operating space and also means they no longer have to reposition the operating light or instruments during treatment, thus maintaining the work zone set-up. Moreover, patients - who perceive a reduced sense of on-back compression - enjoy greater comfort than on traditional chairs.

Classe A7 Plus also offers a choice of backrests (narrow or wide) and headrests, with the Universal version supplied as standard and the Comfort version with orbital 3-axis movement and pneumatic release available as an optional.