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Anthos Stools

Comfort for everyone

The new range of Anthos stools offers practical, comfortable, ergonomic solutions that improve the workplace by reducing physical strain for users and allowing them to retain high levels of focus and energy. Sleek lines and a broad colour range make
them suited to any dental studio layout while their compactness allows for a correct approach to the operating zone at all times.


The right stool for you

The S7 stool helps operators maintain proper posture whatever their build, preventing both short- and long-term discomfort. Comfortable and ergonomic, the stool is optimised to streamline movement, workflow and treatment dynamics by providing proper support at all times.


The compact backrest can be adjusted to the desired height. It offers optimal lumbar support when speaking to patients and performing treatment or examinations.


Backrest tilt is adjustable, ensuring very good lumbar support for patients of any build.


Both seat and backrest feature independent height adjustment, ensuring proper posture and leg position for all body types.


Stress-free work

Our latest saddle stools allow users to maintain a more vertical position and get close to patients without arching the spine, resulting in proper neck and back posture. This ensures a more relaxed working style and the prevention of muscular-skeletal pain.

Active seating.

A rocking mechanism helps the seat follow body movement throughout every stage of work: this dynamic seating instils a feeling of wellbeing and energy. The angle of movement is easily adjusted and can be locked in place.

The right posture.

Unique ergonomics allows users to keep their neck and legs at the right angle to minimise strain on muscles and the spinal column. The shape of the seat evenly distributes weight across its entire surface.


Versatility and safety

The S8 stool ensures excellent freedom of movement and stability thanks to its comfortable armrest and adjustment mechanisms. Every detail has been designed with practicality and comfort in mind.
The circular seat is particularly comfortable for assistants who often need to change position to access the various instruments.


The armrest is shaped to ensure the best possible support during long sessions: it’s also made of non-slip material. Since it is not attached to the seat, it can rotate 360°: specific technical solutions ensure its optimal stability and make cleaning simple.

Adaptable positioning.

At the time of assembly you can choose either a centralised position, suitable for any type of support, or a left- or right-handed configuration if the stool is to be used primarily in one position.


For Dealers

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For Professionals

The Anthos brand is distributed worldwide and our dealers are at your complete disposal to advise you on the right choice of product according to your needs and your budget. Go to the DEALERS page, which illustrates the sales network, where you can locate and contact your nearest dealer.

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