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Anthos Connect

Remote Assistance

All products in the Anthos dental unit range are equipped with an integrated device that allows internet connection. A series of optional, remote services make surgery workflows more efficient. When linked to the Internet via Easy Check, the dental unit can rely on a real-time troubleshooting and technical support service.


The Di.V.A.* lets dentists - via a simple, user-friendly panel - monitor usage of the available instruments and analyse surgery efficiency. All connected equipment items undergo constant real-time status monitoring: an excellent tool for managing workloads and planning maintenance in large facilities.

*Digital Virtual Assistant


For Dealers

Access the Extranet with your username and password! Extranet is a tool that lets you browse online documents and other information on the Anthos brand with ease. If you’re a Anthos dealer but not yet registered on the Extranet, email us at this address:


For Professionals

The Anthos brand is distributed worldwide and our dealers are at your complete disposal to advise you on the right choice of product according to your needs and your budget. Go to the DEALERS page, which illustrates the sales network, where you can locate and contact your nearest dealer. If, instead, you prefer to contact us directly please fill out the information form and we’ll get back to you soon.

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