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Designed and built inside Europe’s first dental unit production hub, Classe A3 Plus embodies all the key values of the Anthos brand: practicality, reliability, flexibility and safety.


A concept as simple as it is effective, easy to use and so flexible that it can integrate instruments, devices and functions for specialised dental surgeries.


Design that ensures comfort for the dentist, the surgery team and the patients. A combination of efficiency and convenience give dentists working days free from physical stress.


Planned spaces, coordinated movements and perfect shaping. Geometry and ergonomics designed to improve every minute spent around the patient chair. Comfort for all: dentist, assistant and patient.


Superior performance provided in a wide range of features and technologies that allow the dentist to achieve the best results. There’s always a solution that allows the best results. Anthos Classe L is here.


With flexibility to meet all clinical needs, Classe L always satisfies the professional. Lines, shapes and technological features designed to accompany the evolution of the profession, based on practicality and operational safety.


This is the universal integrated treatment centre, highly adaptable, modular and featuring numerous configuration solutions. The Classe R7 meets the needs of dental surgeons by offering ergonomic solutions compatible with all operating styles. Wherever it’s used, from private clinics to hospital dentistry departments, the Classe R7 is indubitably the right choice. From complete integration to simple modularity, this model always offers just the right combination of features. One unit, a hundred solutions.

Cart chirurgico

The Surgical Cart is today’s most versatile solution for the immediate implementation of endodontic and implantology treatment; all that’s needed is a patient chair, without any requirement for a unit body or further standalone modules. One Cart - which can be coupled to two connection boxes installed in different rooms in the surgery - can provide two specialist treatment workstations. More potential, less investment.