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About us

Anthos. Limitless Solutions.

Versatile solutions, modern practical design, excellent service and close collaboration with dental professionals make Anthos a brand of global reach. Our mission is to seek out solutions and develop products that boost the dentist's ability to make accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatment for pathologies of the oral cavity.

Anthos, Italy's leading producer of dental units, provides products designed to ensure all dentists have a model that suits their individual working style. For over 60 years now, an extensive product range, outstanding design, officially recognised quality and excellent performance have made this brand a popular choice with dentists worldwide.

Anthos is for professionals looking not only for dental equipment, but also a functional instrument whose value fits well with the economic aspects of their business activity. Anthos offers a sound point of reference for dentists all over the world, providing practical solutions and limitless opportunities. Because Anthos has always been the choice of those who choose the future.


For Dealers

Access the Extranet with your username and password! Extranet is a tool that lets you browse online documents and other information on the Anthos brand with ease. If you’re a Anthos dealer but not yet registered on the Extranet, email us at this address:


For Professionals

The Anthos brand is distributed worldwide and our dealers are at your complete disposal to advise you on the right choice of product according to your needs and your budget. Go to the DEALERS page, which illustrates the sales network, where you can locate and contact your nearest dealer. If, instead, you prefer to contact us directly please fill out the information form and we’ll get back to you soon.

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