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A concentrate of technology in a Surgical Cart


The perfect specialist treatment solution, wherever you need it

The Anthos Surgical Cart is a versatile solution designed to let dentists perform endodontic and implant treatment without any further stand-alone modules. All that’s needed is a room and a patent chair. Since it can be coupled to two connection boxes installed in different rooms in the practice, one Cart provides two treatment workstations. The result? Higher work capacity with a smaller investment.

Clinical performance at your fingertips

The Anthos Surgical Cart is compatible with a wide range of instruments, applications and software solutions for implantology and endodontics, also in reciprocating mode. In the optional configuration that combines a Cart with more than one floor-mounted connections box, dentists can move the equipment from one room to another without having to perform any technical connection tasks.

Loaded and accessed via the 7” HD touch screen, the software offers implantology programmes that allow control of the micromotor and the integrated peristaltic pump. Moreover, users can read torque curves and display implant procedure references. This function means dentists can monitor micromotor torque delivery and obtain a full report on every stage of treatment (exportable on a USB memory device). 

Read the product info sheet to learn about Surgical Cart performance for endontic and other treatment types.