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The all-new Anthos range of treatment centres


All but two of the countless dental unit models designed by Anthos have been completely redesigned  for this year’s IDS trade show. Each of the Classe A and Classe L models have evolved to ensure increased flexibility, ease-of-use and enhanced performance.

Take the Classe A5 for example, now available with an optional system for root canal treatments, including a brushless micromotor and fully integrated electronic apex locator. The Classe A6 Plus features an LCD touchscreen control panel, instrument levers with the new optional SideFlex technology enabling lateral movements to reduce wrist fatigue, and numerous other optional accessories adding value to the unit and boosting your performance. Top-of-the-range Classe A7 Plus offers the best in terms of technology with instruments, software and applications for all clinical needs. The new 7” multitouch display controls all inbuilt systems and optional devices ranging from hygiene to multimedia, plus all you require for implantology and endodontics. The patient chair features the synchronised sliding movement allowing for more operating space, especially for dentists working in indirect vision mode.

Classe L, unit with a floor-fixed chair available in two versions, L6 and L9, shares many of the same innovations as the Classe A line. Thanks to the control panels, LCD on Classe L6 and the 7” multitouch on Classe L9, dentists can personalise operating parameters for all integrated systems. The Classe L9 patient chair also features an articulated knee-joint and retractable footrest and the flexible ergonomic design of the unit allows the dentist to rotate the dentist’s module across the patient to the assistant’s side.

Treatment centres featuring the multitouch display can be equipped with the Clinic display or the optional Multimedia display enabling viewing of camera-captured images and X-rays in HD. All units are ideal for operatories preferring digital workflow for more efficiency.