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Classe A3 Plus, a concentrate of technology, comfort and reliability


If surgery space is the question, Classe A3 Plus is the answer.

Reducing overall dimensions shouldn’t mean having to choose inferior technology.

Optimal management of space in small surgeries - without sacrificing the comfort of patients or medical staff - can be quite a challenge, especially when we consider the size of the dental equipment. Finding dental units that are suitable for small spaces but also provide the performance and reliability of high-end models is no easy task. And this puts us at a crossroads: do we sacrifice performance or increase the investment budget?

Since such equipment is a long-term investment, the capacity to upgrade and even add technological solutions to the initial configuration is a feature that can help carry your professional development forward. Furthermore, it’s essential to choose a model that’s just right for the space in question, which needs to be well organised to ensure a smooth, efficient workflow. Lastly, the chair always needs to provide good patient comfort and ensure there’s enough space to let the dentist work unhindered.

A concentrate of technology, comfort and reliability

For dental practices looking to pack plenty of high performance into small spaces, Classe A3 Plus offers outstanding build quality, cutting-edge technology and excellent ergonomics. It also provides specialist operating performance that takes the dental unit to the next professional level by allowing users to customise functions and thus maximise results.

The console touchscreen features numerous functions and lets users manage work modes and parameters for each instrument, adapting them to the operator's specific needs:

  • i-MMr micromotor with speeds from 100 to 40,000 rpm

  • scaler with adjustable maximum power, letting users balance short scaling times with good patient comfort

  • quick access to information on status of activated disinfection cycles

The dentist's module - International or Continental - provides for the optional application of a sixth instrument (video camera or curing light). Even if you do not initially opt for the multimedia system, it’s good practice to have the appropriate cabling and HDMI connection installed. Doing so, in fact, lets you add an HD camera, intraoral X-ray unit, Rx sensor or 22” LED monitor at a later date.

The patient chair is type-approved to lift up to 190 kg. Users can choose between two different backrests (one, of course, is more compact). The new ISO-JOINT geometry ensures smooth, compensated movement. Anatomical padding can be selected for additional patient comfort.

Customizable and adaptable to every individual need, Classe A3 Plus can be equipped with:

  • one of 4 different foot controls, all also with wireless control

  • one of 2 headrests (2 or 3-axis movement)

  • one of 4 different operating lights

  • hygiene devices, from separate feeds to certified intensive disinfection

  • a wide range of safeguards aimed at minimizing cross-contamination

Classe A3 Plus is the perfect starting point, suitable where space is limited yet primed for long-term professional growth.